About Us

Dear Customers,

Located in Istanbul, Jojomay Aesthetics is founded to introduce and provide comprehensive range of services in medical aesthetic, plastic surgery and hormone treatments for regenerative vitality and balanced wellness not only to help you look beautiful, but also to set you on a path towards healthy living. 

We work to create the desired results.

The goal is to help you reach your best, most youthful version of yourself, all the while attaining and understanding the art of body longevity and beauty.



We aim to create a culture of longevity and beauty from inside out. Because we understand that the physical beauty alone isn’t everything and the beauty doesn’t apply only to the body but to our whole being.

The treatments at Jojomay Aesthetics + Longevity goes beyond the body aesthetics and also focuses on improving inner body with treatments such as hormone balancing, immune system boost, addiction treatment and many others…

We are able to offer total body wellness and beauty treatments in a way that is suitable for both men and women, young and old. 


Our commitment is to ensure the utmost care and the best desired outcome for our patients with personalized treatment plans based on their needs. 

As Jojomay, we believe it is highly important that our patients receive a transparent and correct treatment plan to make sure that they are fully informed about the decisions regarding their health, treatment and the final outcome.



Jojomay offers many of today’s latest and most effective treatment modalities in it’s clinic highly equipped with state-of-the-art medical technologies. All our medical staff and aestheticians are exceptionally skilled in their fields; all of them are certified and our clinic is accredited.

We take pride to say Jojomay meets all the global standards and excels in the field thanks to detailed and attentive work ethics within the company and dedication in always keeping up with innovative solutions.


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