Plastic surgery refers to any type of procedures performed to reconstruct or shape various structures of the body. Aesthetic surgery helps the person to be happier, more confident and more in peace with the improvement of the appearance and the reconstruction of facial and body effects.



Ear aesthetic operations, popularly referred as jug surgery, have been considered as one of the most frequently used areas of plastic surgery in recent years. Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the ear, which begins especially in childhood, can leave serious traumatic and psychological effects. Thanks to aesthetic ear surgery, pleasant results can be achieved for ear deformities, accidents or diseases in the appearance of the outer ear.



The nose, centering the face, is one of the most visible images beyond doubt at first glance. Thanks to the developing medical technologies, disorders of the structure and shape can be safely eliminated. The surgery also helps with breathing problems, impact or injury disturbances as health concerns aside from aesthetic concerns.



Eyelid aesthetics is a plastic surgery application aimed at removing the sagging skin formed in the eyelids and when necessary, removing muscle tissue and stretching the eye contour. It is performed to correct the appearance that develops due to changes in the eyes for various reasons, such as  the droopy eyelid, discoloration under the eyes, crow’s feet lines, wrinkles on the eyelid skin, drooping of the upper eyelid etc. The disappearance of the old and tired expression in the eyes can give the person energy appearance and self-confidence.



The forehead lift is applied in combination with other rejuvenation procedures to maintain facial harmony. It is usually performed in the treatment of wrinkles caused of aging.


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